[Bug 2094] Keep the last-sync time for better two-way synchronization

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-02-25 08:55 -------
The timestamp scheme works if no updates are made during the transfer time. 
Otherwise it becomes problematical the larger the file set becomes (because we
can't scan all the dirs at the exact same point in time).  Another failure case
is modifying the same file on both sides, but in slightly different ways --
whichever file was modified the most recently will overwrite the other side's
changes.  I really don't think that this set of options will take rsync close
enough to a two-way transfer utility to make it worthwhile.

The utility named "unison" is built to do a two-way synchronization of files,
and hndles all these issues (and uses the rsync algorithm to update changed
files).  I recommend checking it out.

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