trying to backup entire server using rsync

Danny Sauer rsync at
Thu Feb 24 14:51:40 GMT 2005

On Thursday 24 February 2005 06:35 am, chris allen wrote:
> I am try to backup entire server using rsync.   Can someone help me with
> a script.  The only thing i don't want include are /prc, /tmp and
> /lost+found
> I have root access on both servers i create an account on backup server
> called backup.

rsync -qzaH --exclude=/proc/* --exclude=/tmp/* --exclude=/lost+found/* 
server:/ /path/to/local/backup

Stick that in /etc/cron.daily/ (or as en entry in whatever crontab is 
appropriate).  You probably want to run it as root, so the file ownership 
and device nodes are preserved.

Either run rsyncd on the server (in which case you'd want to change server:/ 
to rsync://server/modulename) or add backupserver root's public key to 
root's authorized_keys on server - so ssh won't ask for a password when it 

If you want archives, well, that's well covered all over the internet, and 
this list's archives.  Probably best to search google and find a method 
that you like, as it can be done in several ways.


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