No incremental copies to localhost

Alexander Polson Alexander.Polson at
Thu Feb 24 13:45:19 GMT 2005

Hi everyone

I am trying to update an mp3 archive from my hard disk to an mp3 player
over a usb link, e.g. after ripping a few new cd's. I seem not to be
able to get rsync to traverse the archive and only write the new files
accross. Instead it copies everything over again, which takes very

I have tried some combinations of options, e.g.

rsync -va SRC DEST
rsync -va --no-whole-file SRC DEST

Each time I get something like:

wrote 51751332 bytes  read 135874 bytes  437866.72 bytes/sec
total size is 51761152  speedup is 1.00

, which I understand as that a straight/full copy took place, even
though the data is already at the destination.

I could not find anything related in the archives or Google, although I
could have missed it.

I have Cygwin's rsync v 2.6.2 on a Win2000 PC.

Thank you


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