scripter needed

Gary P. gary at
Wed Feb 23 03:39:01 GMT 2005

Hi Everyone

I would like to send out a request for to hire someone to make me a backup script

I run multiple servers and I will have central backup system. I want to run the backup system from the backup server if possible, so
that on cron, the backup system will go though each server specified and run the backup script

The backup script should be run with -vrplogDtH and --delete (if that's right) so after the initial run, later updates will run

I already have the list of directories and scripts to grab (all servers have same data)...They will be put in each servers own
directory such as /home/servername(files)

I would need it so t hat there is 2 scripts, one with the rsync and the other I guess as an include so that I can use that file to
input the hostnames/ips and folders. If you have a better way, please suggest it, I want simplicity as I will be dealing with over
10 machines

I figure $10 to $20 would be acceptable?


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