[Bug 2375] Support (a la Gnu tar) for --directory DIR

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Tue Feb 22 17:53:58 GMT 2005


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           What    |Removed                     |Added
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            Summary|Support (a la Gnu tar) for  |Support (a la Gnu tar) for -
                   |'-C' (--directory DIR)      |-directory DIR

------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-02-22 10:53 -------
With rsync, you don't need to drop the leading slash like you do with tar, so
that command doesn't require a separate "cd /", just leave the slash on the
source.  However, there are other directories than "/", and a --directory option
would allow the sending side to bump the starting dir in a generic way, so I
will accept this as a future-enhancement request (note that -C is already used
by rsync).

One other note: rsync currently allows the setting of the starting dir outside
the relative transfer if you use the --files-from command, if we assume that
your example command had put the "usr" into the "cd /usr" instead of in the
source path (just to make this a non-root example), this command would do what
you want:

echo local/blackboard | rsync -az --files-from=- /usr rsync://host/dest/

Yeah, that's pretty convoluted, but it works.  It's mainly useful for pulling
files from a remote rsync where it is harder (or impossible) to set the base dir
of the transfer using cd.

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