Incremental Backups

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Thu Feb 17 01:24:54 GMT 2005

I read the following hint at:

mv backup.0 backup.1
rsync -a --delete --link-dest=../backup.1 source_directory/  backup.0/

I simply want to maintain a dated backup of a server so that I could 
always go back to a certain date.  I would like to keep this structure 
for each day for the last seven days, then one weekly snapshot for each 
week in the month and then each month I would like to have as well.

It seems that this method would not use terribly much space in terms of 
duplicating files, however I am not sure of the --delete portion, it 
seems that I should remove the delete as I would like to at any point 
be able to go back in time and look at a snapshot of the server.  Is 
this a correct assessment?  And if so, would the more appropriate rsync 
command go as follows?

sudo rsync -azRv -e ssh 
--link-dest=../Server_Backup.1 administrative_user at 

Thanks much for any help!


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