New delete option?

Øyvin Sømme somme at
Tue Feb 15 09:20:56 GMT 2005

I have not yet tried your patch but:

1) The patch you describe sounds ideal to me
2) I hope you will include it in the next main release
3) How will it work with the '-n' option?


Wayne Davison wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 02:03:56PM +0100, ?yvin S?mme wrote:
>>I would like an option that deletes the source file(s) *if*
>>successfully transferred (i.e. delete source upon completion).
>>Maybe an option like '--delete-source'.
> There is a patch in the "patches" dir called delete-sent-files.diff that
> probably does what you want.  It deletes any files that got successfully
> transferred, but does not delete files that were already up-to-date, nor
> does it delete things like directories, symlinks, or devices.
>>Sounds dangerous?
> It certainly could be.  An older version of the patch could have allowed
> the option to be used on a read-only daemon server, for instance.  That
> bug has been plugged two different ways in the current source:  both by
> setting a global read-only flag that doesn't allow anything to change on
> a read-only server, and by refusing --delete-sent-files if the server is
> marked as read-only.  If you're not concerned about the daemon bug, you
> can use the patch that came with 2.6.3 (in the "patches" dir of the tar
> file) to patch 2.6.3.  If you want a version that is more secure, snag
> the CVS source (you can use the latest "nightly" tar file from the web
> site, if you like).
> I've considered including the patch in the main rsync distribution
> before, and am doing so again.  What do you think about how the patch
> works?  Is the deleting of only the sent files the right idiom for what
> you need?
> ..wayne..

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