[Bug 2104] Add support for --dry-run with --write-batch

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Sat Feb 12 22:01:33 GMT 2005


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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-02-12 15:01 -------
This should not be that hard.  The generator would need to be modified so that
it actually computes the checksums and sends them to the sender in this mode and
(for a push) the sender would need to be enhanced to output its changes to the
batch fd instead of the socket, or (for a pull) the sender would need to go
ahead and send its update data down the socket while the receiver would just
throw away the update data after recording it.  Also, the --write-batch option
would need to be sent to a server sender (which it is not currently) to trigger
the right mode (when pulling files).  Care needs to be taken to test for
compatibilty problems in this regard (since we currently avoid sending
--write-batch to the server for compatibility reasons).

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