[Bug 1673] Verbose dry run doesn't report replacements of symlink with directory

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-02-12 14:37 -------
This is now fixed in the CVS version.  It became very easy to fix after some
recent changes I made provided the hierarchical depth value for each file, which
means that anytime a directory is missing in --dry-run mode, we just need to
ignore all items that are deeper in the list up to the next item that is
less-than or equal-to the missing depth.

Note that there is a potential for the incorrect output to occur when talking to
an older rsync (prior to protocol 29).  This is because the sort algorithm in
earlier rsyncs might put an item from outside a directory's hierarchy in between
the directory and its contents.  To see this in action, update to the CVS
version (also available in the latest "nightly" tar file), add a file named
"projects.txt" in the "a" dir of the above test-case, and verify that the
--dry-run output works properly. Then, repeat the test with the debug option
"--protocol=28" and the items inside the projects dir will not be listed in
--dry-run mode (because projects.txt sorted in between the dir and its contents).

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