[Bug 1476] Unexplained timout at end of file transfer.

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Fri Feb 11 14:38:15 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From ej.grace at imperial.ac.uk  2005-02-11 07:38 -------
> Hmm.  I've not managed to make it break.  I will try "loading" the machines
> while doing the rsyncs and see if that has any effect. 

Well. It seems to have no effect (apart from slowing things down)...

It's strange, I really can't make it break.  I tried thrashing the disk and cpu
of the client machine and ran the one initiating the rsync request on a lower
powered slower machine with less RAM.

I'm afraid I am going to just have to shrug and say "don't know"....  I never
could make it break consistently... 

The only thing left at the back of my head is the ssh transport, I know the
behaviour of ssh when disconnected changed a while back.  Now, when one connects
to a server and some I/O could come back the connection remains open and you
have to explicitly disconnect with the ~. escape sequence...

  man ssh 

  See the section "Escape Characters"

Perhaps this is the interaction that's keeping the channel open and causing
rsync to barf?  I don't know enough about the process to really have an idea...

Good luck..

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