getting rsync to work +automating password line

Paul Slootman paul at
Fri Feb 11 13:42:55 GMT 2005

On Thu 10 Feb 2005, Gil Naveh wrote:
> The --rsync-path=PATH did the work. :)
> Is there a doc that shows all the options that comes with rsync? - when I
> tried #rsync --help
> I did not get the --rsync-path option.

Hmm, my copy does show that... (2.6.3)
However, the man page is the usual location for full documentation with
unix commands.

> Finally, the next step for me is to automate rsync through crontab. But when
> I type rsync -a e ServerB/... I get a prompt for #password:
> I tried rsync with the option --password-file=/name/of/file/with/password
> but it still asked me for password!

The file contains a single line with the password? There is newline
after the password? The file is readable for the process (but not for
others!) ?

You could also put the password in the environment variable
RSYNC_PASSWORD. Check that the environment can't be read by all users on
your system.

Paul Slootman

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