[Bug 1476] Unexplained timout at end of file transfer.

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Thu Feb 10 18:10:41 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From ej.grace at imperial.ac.uk  2005-02-10 11:10 -------
I'm glad that it was not just a product of my imagination!

For some reason I havn't been able to reliably reproduce the problem.  I pretty
much gave up.  I am currently using Using rsync-2.6.3 on a FC3 machine which is
connecting to rsync-2.6.3 on an FC2 based machine.  It doesn't seem to display
the problem any more, even with large file trees, but I am not convinced the
problem has gone, rather that due to some mystic alignment of the stars it is
not manifesting itself.

Your experience seems to suggest the same things as my guesswork, that there may
be some timing problem or strange interaction with SSH.  If you can reliably
reproduce the problem perhaps it's worth trying it with rsh as the transport

The other possibility is that there is some issue with the timeout option.  I
When I used to set the timeout option to (say) 10 minutes (far longer than the
actual transfer took) it would occur.  I have since set the timeout to 0
(indefinite) and have never seen this problem reoccur.

These type of intermittent s/w problem always fox me!

I will try and make it go wrong by setting a timeout of 10mins.  If that breaks
things again it may be informative to people "in the know".  I suggest you try
the same, see if setting the timeout option has any effect..

Good luck.

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