Any tricks for b/r of Windows?

Clay Goss ClayGoss at
Wed Feb 9 17:38:57 GMT 2005


The fat file system can only represent file times in even increments of
seconds.  But EXT3 can do better.  If a file in the copy has a time of 09:01
(am) then it will be 09:00 or 09:02 on the fat system (I don't remember
which way, but it doesn't matter.  If you set the time widow to 2, it will
no longer copy the file in this one or two second off state.

I don't know how rsysc handles Windows "system" file - I don't use it for

M$ does not like systems being "cloned".  Lots of stuff is in the registry
which is not a regular file and is not typically picked up by utils like
rsync.  WinXP is worse in this regard and logs the disk volume s/n, cpu s/n,
nic's MAC and probably more to determine if the product has been moved - it
is about to the point where doing a full backup using a "Written for
Windows" backup utility is a waste of time because you are going to have to
go to the install CD anyway.  Also, the HAL that is on the system has to be
close to the physical hardware you are booting on, or it won't boot.

Running a repair install should clean up that stuff - but it may also screw
up the boot loader and you may have to reinstall it from the FreeBSD side of

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