Any tricks for b/r of Windows?

Tuc tuc at
Wed Feb 9 16:53:57 GMT 2005

> Because chaining actually means "run another boot block". The boot block 
> must be set up properly on the new machine. The only way (that I know 
> of) to achieve that with windows is to run the repair installation.
	Ok, figured it would already be set. Ok, will do.
>  From the rsync manual:
> >        --modify-window
> >               When comparing two timestamps rsync treats the 
> > timestamps as being equal if they are  within  the  value  of
> >               modify_window.  This  is  normally  zero,  but  you may 
> > find it useful to set this to a larger value in some
> >               situations. In particular, when transferring to Windows 
> > FAT filesystems which cannot represent times with  a
> >               1 second resolution --modify-window=1 is useful.
> Are you on FAT?
	Yes, I am, but the filesystem hasn't changed since the system
wasn't booted, yet it keeps transfering things. I'd think if the Windows
side was never booted, the files should never change, and there should
be nothing to upload.

	The next issue I just identified was bringing it down, in one
directory, for example, there were 1800 files on my server, but rsync
would only bring down 1230. 

	I've just tar'd it and am scping it. But for the future, I'd
like to know why it wouldn't transfer files that aren't changing, and
not all of them either.

		Thanks, Tuc

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