[HELP] Rsync to remote machine sometimes produces different binaries

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Sat Feb 5 10:12:37 GMT 2005


i'm using

machine 1 (SuSE 9.0 32Bit): rsync 2.6.2 (from SuSE RPM)
machine 2 (SuSE 9.1 64Bit): rsync 2.6.2 (from SuSE RPM)

my command looks like the following:
/usr/bin/rsync -W --progress --rsync-path=/usr/local/bin/rsync -e ssh 
--delete --force -av /data/ machine2:/data/machine1/

after rsyncing both machines, some files differ !
i verified these differences with "diff", hexdump and "md5sum"

the files are e.g. normal excel files
when i look in them, they seem to be the same, but why do they differ 
with integrity check?

"-c" is no alternative for me hence it takes hours to verify 1.000.000 

if i delete the file on the target machine and rerun rsync, the file is 
ok - but this way i always have to check manually for differences 
between files and rsync is no help here for automatic backups

please help
i need it for backup purposes!!

                  Michael Gasch

            - Central IT Department -

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig


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