Selectively overriding --cvs-exclude option

William McKee william at
Wed Feb 2 17:25:05 GMT 2005


I've come across a situation with rsync which seems like a bug. I could
not find anything listed in bugzilla so am writing to the list to see if
it's just me.

I have a situation where I would like to upload some auto-generated
files to a website. However, I don't want these files to be included in
my CVS repository so I have added them to a .cvsignore file.

To save from creating a monstrous --exclude regex, I'm using the
--cvs-exclude option. Unfortunately, these files which I want to sync
with my remote website are also excluded.

Looking to the documentation, it seems to me that if I put an --include
option before the --cvs-exclude option, I should be able to tell rsync
to sync those files. However, I'm not having any luck. It appears rsync
is ignoring my --include option and outright excluding all CVS matches.
I also tried using a file that is in the default list; this also failed.

Here's the command I'm using:

rsync --dry-run --include "/public_html/admin/test.exe" -C -avzub -e ssh <local_dir> <remote_dir>

Is this a bug or a misunderstanding? I'm using rsync v2.6.3 on Debian Sarge.


Knowmad Services Inc.

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