Basic - Setting up Rsync over the net

Idea Works support at
Fri Dec 30 20:32:08 GMT 2005


I've tried going thru the archives, but it's like looking for a
needle in a haystack.  I've also tried the man page, but I don't
understand the syntax (not a native Unix user).  I'm new to
rsync, and have managed to get our systems on a backup sched
with rsync in the office.  That works great, and all is good.

My last task is to get rsync to pull the files off our
webserver, located at a data center, to our backup.  I can't
seem to get the syntax right for this.

The inhouse looks like:
rsync OPTIONS "/cygdrive/c/Docs n Settings"
user at backupmachine:/cygdrive/c/backups/sourcename

With 'backupmachine' running an rsync daemon (boss set that up).

This is where I am with the internet command:

rsync OPTIONS /cygdrive/c/backups/sourcename2 :
user at"/cygdrive/c/Dos n Settings"

Thank you for any help you can offer.


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