Illustration showing the rsync SRC and DEST args

John Van Essen vanes002 at
Thu Dec 29 21:44:45 GMT 2005

On Wed, 28 Dec 2005, David Tonhofer <d.tonhofer at> wrote:
> I was somewhat confused by the rsync options, so I have
> decided to do a little illustration showing the possible
> SRC and DEST args. Feel free to use the diagram as you like.
> (This includes critizing):
> The original is a MS Visio (closed format etc, no flames please!)

That's an interesting visual representation.  Nice work.


1. You cannot list files other than via a daemon module, so the
   4x4 grid's bottom row rightmost two squares should be empty.

2. In the source argument table, the "(but" in the third argument
   comment extends out of the table - wrap that to the next line?

3. In the 4x4 grid, the "files" in "list files" should be in bold.

4. "rsynched" is not the usual usage.  :)  Drop the "h"?

If it's OK with Wayne, I'd like to see the final version kept at
rsync's website (personal files/pages have a habit of disappearing
from the web), so feel free to add a line at the bottom crediting
yourself and giving contact info.


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