DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3358] rsync chokes on large files

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Thu Dec 29 20:47:16 GMT 2005

------- Comment #2 from david-bo at  2005-12-29 13:47 MST -------
Intereseting, didn't knwo that rsync worked that way - I thought the default
behaviour was to only replace the parts of the file that had changed. Anyway,
this  motivates a follow-up question:

If I understand it correctly if you file 1 on computer A and file 2 on computer
B and some minor changes has been made to 1 and you want to sync these changes
to B rsync basically make a copy of 2 and works with that. If 1/2 are big, like
in my example when they where 25-50 GB, the copy operation from 2.0 to 2.1
generates a lot of disk acticity.

In my case when I rsync between two laptops all this disk activity is a little
unfortunate since laptop drives are so slow. Now to my question, is there a way
to reduce disk activity? Does the --inplace switch work around this?


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