rsync to a SOHO NAS copies files everytime

Savage, Elijah elijah_savage at
Thu Dec 29 20:08:48 GMT 2005

Though I am getting the error below it seems to all work. I went back
and deleted some files and it only copied those files over but still
gives me the errors and the stat command shows the exact times now. But
it is confusing to still be getting those errors about not syncing

John thank you for your help in this matter and I also realized I just
top posted this whole thing it has been a longer week than normal for
some strange reason, I will make sure on future post I do it RIGHT.

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I realized I did not post the entire error.

building file list ... 
67 files to consider
rsync: failed to set times on "/musicbackup/.": Operation not permitted
Damon Marly/

rsync: failed to set times on "/musicbackup/.": Operation not permitted

sent 3176 bytes  received 422 bytes  2398.67 bytes/sec
total size is 305269148  speedup is 84844.12
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at

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On Thu, 29 Dec 2005, Savage, Elijah <elijah_savage at> wrote:
> I am trying to use a SOHO NAS to rsync my music dir to. Every time I
> the command it copies the entire dir and files each time.
> I am using FreeBSD 5.4 with the latest port build and I run the
> below to try and accomplish what I need. But what I have done since
> NAS is running smbfs I have simply mounted this drive with mount_smbfs
> to /musicbackup/. As you can see below it copies every file each time.

If you are copying from a *nix filesystem to a Windows filesystem
(which is implied by your use of mountsmbfs) then the timestamps may
not be matching since Windows uses a 2-second granularity.

Try using the 'stat' command on a file in the source and destination:

  stat "/music/Reggae/Damon Marly/01 - Confrontation.mp3"
  stat "/musicbackup/Damon Marly/01 - Confrontation.mp3"

The "Modify" times should be the same, down to the second.

If they differ by one second, use  --modify-window=1  and that will
allow rsync to match the timestamps.

(Wayne - the "copies every file" entry in the FAQ should also mention
this problem with Windows timestamps.  Even though it may not be "every
file", it may seem like it...)

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