rsync to a SOHO NAS copies files everytime

Savage, Elijah elijah_savage at
Thu Dec 29 19:28:24 GMT 2005


Thank you for the reply but this box actually shows this runs linux and
a version of samba, and the drive is running the ext3 file system but
you have given me great info and I am getting ready to try it right now.

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On Thu, 29 Dec 2005, Savage, Elijah <elijah_savage at> wrote:
> I am trying to use a SOHO NAS to rsync my music dir to. Every time I
> the command it copies the entire dir and files each time.
> I am using FreeBSD 5.4 with the latest port build and I run the
> below to try and accomplish what I need. But what I have done since
> NAS is running smbfs I have simply mounted this drive with mount_smbfs
> to /musicbackup/. As you can see below it copies every file each time.

If you are copying from a *nix filesystem to a Windows filesystem
(which is implied by your use of mountsmbfs) then the timestamps may
not be matching since Windows uses a 2-second granularity.

Try using the 'stat' command on a file in the source and destination:

  stat "/music/Reggae/Damon Marly/01 - Confrontation.mp3"
  stat "/musicbackup/Damon Marly/01 - Confrontation.mp3"

The "Modify" times should be the same, down to the second.

If they differ by one second, use  --modify-window=1  and that will
allow rsync to match the timestamps.

(Wayne - the "copies every file" entry in the FAQ should also mention
this problem with Windows timestamps.  Even though it may not be "every
file", it may seem like it...)


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