[Bug 3358] rsync chokes on large files

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Wed Dec 28 18:21:52 GMT 2005


------- Comment #1 from wayned at samba.org  2005-12-28 11:21 MST -------
The pertinent error is this:

rsync: write failed on "/test": No space left on device (28)

That is an error from your OS that indicates that there was no room to write
out the destination file.  Keep in mind that when rsync updates a file, it
creates a new version of the file (unless --inplace was specifed), so your
destination directory needs to have enough free space available to hold the
largest updated file.

As for why the file is updating, if the modified time and size don't match,
rsync will update the file (efficiently).  You can use the --checksum option to
avoid this unneeded update at the expense of a lot of extra disk I/O to compute
each file's checksum before figuring out if a transfer is needed.

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