Permission problem with rsync in daemon mode

Jonathan Chen -X (jonachen - The Armada Group, Inc. at Cisco) jonachen at
Wed Dec 28 17:21:37 GMT 2005

rsync  version 2.5.7  protocol version 26

Hello all,

I got rsync working mostly fine.   I setup rsync in daemon mode for
retrievel by another hosts.  In terms of retrieving it works fine, but
not when it comes to dir ownership.

Command used
sudo rsync --archive --compress -vv --sparse --progress -e ssh
jon at linuxhost::netegrity /users/jon/test/

The /users/jon/test/ is owned by jon:jon while the "netegrity" dir on
the rsync server has root:root ownership.   So when I try execute the
above command, I get the correct ownership for netegrity, but somehow
the "test" directory ownership changes(maybe access permission changed
too?) to root:root instead of jon:jon.   I don't know why that happens.
If I execute the command without "sudo" all ownership goes to jon:jon

Thanks for any help as to what I'm doing wrong in rsyncd.conf??  

Part of rsyncd.conf

hosts allow =

log file  = /tools/logs/sync/sync.log
lock file = /tools/logs/sync/syncd.lock

uid = cdemgr
gid = cdemgr
use chroot = no
list = yes
dont compress = *.gz *.tgz *.zip *.z *.rpm *.deb *.iso *.bz2 *.tbz *.jar
refuse options = delete


        comment = /tools/netegrity

        path = /tools/netegrity                                       

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