Very large memory block.

John Van Essen vanes002 at
Tue Dec 27 18:43:05 GMT 2005

On Wed, 21 Dec 2005, Dave Mielke <dave at> wrote:
> Using rsync-2.6.6, I'm getting:
>    unable to alloc 417794083 bytes
> Under what circumstances would rsync allocate a block that large? Must it be
> able to allocate a block as large as the largest file or something? Is there a
> way to limit it?

Rsync uses buffered I/O for file transfer - it does not allocate memory
based on the size of a file.

The size is not an even number, so it's not from an flist expansion or
any other buffer allocation.

Hmm.  That's not even a message from rsync.  Rsync reports:

  ERROR: out of memory in FOO

where FOO is a tag indicating where the problem happened (for example,
the name of the subroutine).

You need to provide more info - O/S, command used, what had happened
up to the error, etc.  Use -vv with rsync to get more info.


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