rsync deleting symbolic link unexpectedly

Eric Horne eric.horne at
Tue Dec 20 22:28:51 GMT 2005

Thanks, Matt for this suggestion. My version (2.6.6) doesn't have a 
keep-dirlinks option (that sounds like what I want, though).

In anycase, I removed the -L, and now the structure does not get created 
at all. I removed -l also, and that didn't work either. I added only the 
-L back, and was left with the same behaviour -- that the symlink turns 
into a directory.

So I think I'm still stuck (or I misunderstood what you said)


Matt McCutchen wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 11:40 -0800, Eric Horne wrote:
>>rsync -rlptDvzL --stats --include=a/ --include=a/dir/ 
>>--include=a/dir/symlink/ --include=a/dir/symlink/dir2/ 
>>--include=a/dir/symlink/dir2/dir3/ --exclude='**' /export/stuff 
> Since you gave the -L/--copy-links option, the sending rsync pretended
> its symlink was a real directory, and since you didn't give
> -K/--keep-dirlinks, the receiving rsync turned its symlink into a real
> directory to match.  -L overrides -l.  Take out -L and it should work.

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