rsync 2.6.6 nasty bug?

Wayne Davison wayned at
Mon Dec 19 17:09:03 GMT 2005

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 12:44:29AM -0600, Jon Nelson wrote:
> If I change nothing except to switch the destination machine to
> use rsync 2.6.6, I get weird errors.

I'd suggest the following.  I'd be interested in seeing the data that is
being sent from the client to the server.  First, work up a very simple
test case (using a small number of files that don't require any updates,
if possible) so that this data is small and innocuous.  Then, we'll use
the "savetransfer" program from the support dir to grab the data on both
ends of the connection.  You can build it (if you have the rsync source
present and configured) by just "cd"ing into the support dir and typing
"make".  Then, copy it somewhere on both machines and run it like this:

rsync -av --rsh="/path/savetransfer -i /tmp/to.server ssh"
   --rsync-path="/path/savetransfer -i /tmp/from.client rsync" SOURCE DEST

That will put a to.server file on the client, and a from.client file on
the server.  The data in the files should be identical, or the transport
is at fault (e.g. ssh).  If it is identical, please gzip it and send it
to me off-list.

While you've got the source there, you might also try using a stock
2.6.6 on both machines (you can run it without installing it using the
--rsync-path option), just to be sure that this is a bug in the stock
rsync.  Thanks for your help.


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