Any change of rsync using threads instead of fork?

Thorsten Glaser tg at
Sat Dec 17 20:00:16 GMT 2005

Nelson H. F. Beebe dixit:

>List traffic today asks about changing rsync to use lightweight
>threads instead of heavyweight fork.

It's not lightweight on all operating systems.

>Before rushing into building a threads version of rsync

If at all, make it a compile-time option to add thread support,
and a run-time option to disable it even if compiled in.

>cause unpredictable, and unreproducible, behavior.  Most of us would
>rather not have to deal with that mess in production software (e.g.,
>at my site, rsync is a critical component in nightly updates of about
>100 systems running about 20 different flavors of Unix serving
>thousands of users).

Even whole operating system source repositories are distributed with
it. And threads are a mess (except on Win32).

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