rsync server does not read /etc/rsync.conf

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Fri Dec 16 13:52:28 GMT 2005

Isn't it rather 'rsyncd.conf' ?

Wayne Davison <wayned at>
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12/15/05 07:06 PM

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        Subject:        Re: rsync server does not read /etc/rsync.conf

On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 05:35:53PM -0600, David Nguyen wrote:
> I have /etc/rsync.conf setup to allow only certain systems to access
> but it seems rsync server does not read my /etc/rsync.conf as it does
> allow other systems access as well.

You didn't supply enough information to know for sure, but it might be
that you're using a remote-shell syntax instead of a daemon-mode syntax.
If not, check the log file that the rsync daemon is using (which is
presumably /var/adm/rsyncd.log) to see what info gets logged about each
connection.  Also, check to see if some existing rsync daemon is already
running using a different config file (check ps).


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