[Bug 2947] stdout with [-v] -H --link-dest and slink/sock/fifo/regf

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------- Comment #3 from wayned at samba.org  2005-12-15 21:26 MST -------
I have checked in fixes for several of the items that you mentioned:

* Rsync now keeps quiet about an item in a hard-link cluster if it was properly
hard-linked in the --link-dest dir.

* Rsync now treats fifos/devices/symlinks the same as files when it is running
with --link-dest/--compare-dest/--copy-dest (I changed my mind on this point). 
This means that if those items are already up-to-date in a --FOO-dest dir, that
rsync won't mention it being in need of an update (and will hard-link it to the
prior version in the case of --link-dest and not create a new version at all in
the case of --compare-dest).

As mentioned in my first response, the delete issues you cited are not bugs:
rsync only mentions deletions from the actual destination directory, not extra
items that might be found in one or more of the adjunct --FOO-dest dirs.  Yes,
this does mean that using --delete along with --link-dest is usually useless
(because --link-dest works best into an empty hierarchy, and there's nothing to
delete in an empty hierarchy).

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