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------- Comment #3 from hashproduct at verizon.net  2005-12-09 16:19 MST -------
Instead of treating -o and -g specially, I think it is time rsync had separate
archive options for "running as a normal user for a normal copy", i.e. using
default destination security settings, and preserving all security settings.

Since there are tons of existing backup scripts that rely on -a/--archive
preserving all security settings, I think -a should continue to behave as it
does now, except that inability to set user or group always causes an error
message.  A new option can modify -a so that it does not imply -pog.  I
recommend calling this option -U/--def-security; -U, mnemonic for "use umask",
is probably the best letter that is not already taken.

For good measure, one could also add an option -s/--security that preserves all
security settings (-pog).  That way, people can start to use "rsync -as ..." in
their backup scripts, and it might eventually be practical to change the
behavior of unqualified -a to something like the tar-esque "-rltD, plus -s if
run as root".

Once the two modes are available, I think rsync should take all options
seriously (i.e. -ogD) whether or not it is root.  I also think it should issue
a warning about every failure (i.e. every file) because all three of these
options can succeed on some files and fail on others and it's important that
the user gets the message.  A concise output format that coalesces
preservations that failed for the same reason might be good:
    rsync: "/foo/badfile": failed to preserve time, owner, group: Operation not
permitted (1)
    rsync: "/foo/badfile": failed to preserve ACLs: Operation not supported (2)

I might try to make some of these changes in my custom rsync.

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