incremental backup help required

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Wed Dec 7 15:01:30 GMT 2005

I can answer this one! But mostly by directing you to an even better
answer that is already written.

Reading this article by Mike Rubel

Should give you some detailed idea of how to use the --link-dest

There is a tool called 'dirvish' that I am told does all this and more,
using rsync as the underlying transfer mechanism

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This is my rsync command

/usr/bin/rsync  --compress \
                      --verbose \
                      --rsh=ssh \
                      --times \
                      --owner \
                    --group \
                   --ignore-times \ 
                   --links \
                  --perms \
                 --recursive \
                 --size-only \
                --delete \
                --force \
                --numeric-ids \ 
               --exclude-from=/etc/rsync.exclude \
               --stats \
               /etc  \
               root at target_machine:/home/backup/thismachine/ 

I am using the above commnd to take backups and i need to take a only
incremental backups Which option i have to use
and how to specify in source machine and target machine.

I think i have to use --backup-dir=DIR option or anything else.

PLease help me how to take only incremental backups daily.
thanks for your help


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