incremental backup help required

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Wed Dec 7 11:02:52 GMT 2005


This is my rsync command

/usr/bin/rsync  --compress \
                      --verbose \
                      --rsh=ssh \
                      --times \
                      --owner \
                    --group \
                   --ignore-times \
                   --links \
                  --perms \
                 --recursive \
                 --size-only \
                --delete \
                --force \
                --numeric-ids \
               --exclude-from=/etc/rsync.exclude \
               --stats \
               /etc  \
               root at target_machine:/home/backup/thismachine/

I am using the above commnd to take backups and i need to take a only
incremental backups Which option i have to use
and how to specify in source machine and target machine.

I think i have to use --backup-dir=DIR option or anything else.
PLease help me how to take only incremental backups daily.

thanks for your help
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