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------- Comment #1 from wayned at samba.org  2005-12-02 18:34 MST -------
I think that this problem is limited to user and group settings when not run as
root. The complication is that -a implies -o and -g, but we don't want errors
to be returned when running as a normal user for a normal copy. One possible
solution is to add some kind of an extra mode where rsync knows that it should
definitely try setting the user and/or group and report a failure if it cannot.

There is a diff in the patches dir named owner-group-mod.diff that chooses to
force the user to specify -oo and/or -gg to tell rsync to trying setting all
users and/or all groups no matter what.  I have debated whether -aog should be
enough to also trigger these new actions or if (as the patch used to be
implemented) -oogg is still required even if -a was also specified.  Any

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