parallel tree recursion

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Fri Dec 2 23:56:09 GMT 2005

Phil Howard wrote...

> I have some very large directories I'd like to syncronize.  Total time to
> scan through these millions of files is a substantial portion of an hour
> or even exceeds it.  It just goes slower if these large critical time blocks
> have to be done sequentially.

Yeah, same here.

> It would also be nice if rsync didn't have to collect the entire tree in
> RAM all at once, but instead, both source and destination could recurse
> their respective trees in sync with each other and copy, create, delete,
> as things go through that parallel recursion.

I'm not sure, perhaps hard link preservation would cause some headache
here. But as long as you're not using -H at all, there shouldn't be a
principal problem.


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