Deleted remote directories not being removed locally

David Filion df at
Fri Dec 2 15:00:14 GMT 2005


I'm using the following command to grab a list of directories, not their 
contents, from a source server and create them locally(a backup server)

rsync -v --stats -d --include='+ */' --include='- *' --force 
--delete-during --backup \
 --backup-dir=/mnt/backups/_DELETED'ucp/*' .

It recreates the list of directories locally with out a problem. 
However, if a directory on the source server is removed, the local 
"copy" is not moved to the backup-dir. The deleted directories are 
generally not empty so I added the --force option but that had not 
effect.  Is it because I'm only looking at the directories and not their 
contents that it's not moving the remove directories?

FYI, what I'm attempting to do is recreate the top level directory 
structure locally, then go through the directories, syncing each one. 
The only part that is not working is the removal/backing-up of the 
removed directories.


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