encrypted destination

Shachar Shemesh rsync at shemesh.biz
Sun Aug 28 07:40:50 GMT 2005

George Georgalis wrote:

>In the archives I see the question about encrypted destination and it's
>mostly answered with the --source-filter / --dest-filter patch by Kyle
>Jones. There are also some proposed updates to the patch.
>A lot of these posts 3 years old, is there plans or reasons not to
>include them in the main line code?
>// George
Personally, I solved that problem using a preprocessing program. The
idea was to not share any key data with the destination. If that's
interesting to you, do check out rsyncrypto

What it does is to encrypt the files prior to rsyncing them. The twist
is that the files are encrypted in a way that does not obliterate the
wire efficiency of applying rsync to the encrypted files.


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