meta data stored in separate file?

Shachar Shemesh rsync at
Sun Aug 28 07:37:49 GMT 2005

Joe Pruett wrote:

>>There's something called backuppc (i think
>>which uses some sort of db backend and has multiple possible transports,
>>rsync is one option.  I think it might do what you're looking for.
>interesting tool, but it is not what i need.  it doesn't do acls.  it is a
>pull system, rather than push.  this is for an isp setting (which i didn't
>mention yet) where colocation customers would push their backups to a
>central box.
>any other tools out there?
I'm currently adding metadata extraction and saving to rsyncrypto. I'm
not sure it is within your use scenario, and in any case, it will not
have Windows ACLs for 0.16 (the coming version).

Just thought I'd put the info in.


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