Linux to Windows

Terry Dooher tdooher.lists at
Wed Aug 24 15:39:13 GMT 2005

John Jablonski wrote:
> Hmmm.
> Oddly (?) enough, you can make a ".FILE" using a dos prompt (cmd), but 
> not using the win GUI. RMB->Create new->Text file on your desktop (or 
> anywhere using windows explorer) and try and create a file named 
> ".dotfile". You can't do it (in XP-pro anyways).

This is just an example of one of the many hard-coded string match traps in 
Windows Explorer that bear little relation to the capabilities of the file 
system. If i remember it correctly, the characters \ / : * ? " < > |  are 
restricted at a filesystem level, rather than by explorer.

You can create a file .test in dos/cygwin and select it in explorer and press 
f2 to rename it. Explorer will accept the existing name, but whine at you if 
you try to call it something else, like .test2


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