Linux to Windows

Brent Blayney brent at
Wed Aug 24 12:40:44 GMT 2005

 I'm sure, too.  Apparently, you can't start a filename with a period in 
Win, either, as my previous examples showed.

1120817285.22306_0.mail (works fine)
.1124450874.30945_0.mail (reports 0KB)
.1123700716.P14142Q0M23.mail (reports 0KB),U=1,W=42566 (reports 0KB)

Is it possible for Cygwin to emulate an ext2 or ext3 partition on the NTFS 
drive?  The other idea I had was to have a dual-bootsystem and actually back 
up when booted in Linux, but obviously this seriously complicates the 
automation process.> Yep. I'm sure.

> There's no colon's in your filenames there.

> Can't have these characters in a filename:
> \ / : * ? " < > |

> -john

> David Filion wrote:

> John Jablonski wrote:
>> Thing is, it's not an rsync problem. It's a windows filesystem
>> problem. Or at least a windows problem of some sort.
>> You can't have a file called:
>> 1124816518.8634_2.mailbox:2,S
> Sure about that?
> No problem on NTFS or fat32.  These were extracted from a tar, not
> directly created using rsync though.

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