how to get around rsync error (OS X Tiger)

Lee Cullens lee_cullens at
Sun Aug 21 18:43:50 GMT 2005

Another work-around here would be in my differential update script to 
simply clear /System/Library/CoreServices/* each time and let it be 
recopied.  Versus the exclude work-around it has more assurance of 
maintaining system consistency - but it's still just a work-around to 
the root problem.

I'm still perplexed about why the renaming is even attempted in rsync. 
I mean, if it's necessary it should not fail and if it's not necessary 
it should not be atempted. The most logical place to ask this question 
is this rsync forum, but no one has yet even acknowledged the issue.  I 
suppose the reason is indicated by my not being able to find anything 
specifically relevant in all my searching.

The whole point of my research and testing is to present move "native" 
techniques in a comprehensive "Backup::Restore" article.  So far the 
results (or my lack of understanding) indicate rsync not being ready for 
prime time on OS X Tiger.

Thank you,
Lee C

Dual 2.5 PM G5 OS X 10.4.2
rsync on Tiger is version 2.6.3  protocol version 28

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