rsync anomalies (OS X Tiger)

Lee Cullens lee_cullens at
Fri Aug 19 04:08:12 GMT 2005

Tiger's rsync anomalies

I'm trying to sort out some anomalies using rsync locally.  Booted to 
Volumes/LaCie_Disk_A I create a full direct clone with:

sudo asr -erase -source /Volumes/Mirrored_HD_Set -target 

then boot to it and check it out.  Then booted back to  Mirrored_HD_Set 
I do a little other work (i.e. some files are changed).  Then for a 
differential update of the clone (again booted to LaCie_Disk_A) I use 
(first three lines are echos):

SOURCE: /Volumes/Mirrored_HD_Set/
DESTINATION: /Volumes/LaCie_Disk_B
STDOUT: /Users/Chinook/Desktop/DiffCloneStdout_20050818_221827

sudo rsync -axHEvv --delete $SOURCEREF $DESTVOL_MP > $DCSTDOUT

When I do so, I always get the first error below and once got the second 

rsync: rename 
"/Volumes/LaCie_Disk_B/System/Library/CoreServices/.BootX.AZBM0z" -> 
"System/Library/CoreServices/BootX": Operation not permitted (1)

rsync: delete_one: unlink "/Volumes/LaCie_Disk_B/Volumes/._LaCie_Disk_B" 
failed: No such file or directory (2)

If I boot to the clone (LaCie_Disk_B) everything seems OK and the files 
I know I changed are up to date, but I'm not yet ready to trust this 
updated clone.

Can anyone shed any light on how either my approach is wrong or the 
errors I'm getting from rsync?

Lee C

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