Question and feature requests for processor bound systems

Evan Harris eharris at
Thu Aug 18 18:48:08 GMT 2005

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Wayne Davison wrote:

> The --whole-file option (-W) disables the rsync algorithm entirely, but
> not the full-file checksum to verify that the file was transferred
> correctly.

Unfortunately, for these huge files, I don't want to retransfer the part
that has already been retrieved.

> The CVS source (also available in the "nightly" tar files) has the
> --append option that only transfers files that have gotten longer (or
> are new), starting the transfer after all the existing data.  That
> should save some checksum processing, but, rsync still includes all
> the old data in the full-file checksum that verifies that the file
> was sent correctly.

Great!  Thanks.  Will that be going into the upcoming 2.6.7 version?

One question: does it also do a rudimentary check to make sure that the last
block that is still present still matches on the sender and receiver, so it
can catch files and realize when they have had the data "shifted", and go
back to the standard sync algo?


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