rsync Reverse lookup error on Solaris 9

Lozano, Marcus Marcus_Lozano at
Thu Aug 18 14:01:23 GMT 2005


I am using rsync for the first time.

I have rsync 2.6.5 running on Solaris 9. It was built with gcc-2.95.

We are experiencing a reverse lookup host error in rsyncd.log when the
client with ip addy 180.X.XX.XX
tries to access rsync on my Solaris box.

2005/08/11 14:30:13 [18092] rsync denied on module log from unknown
2005/08/11 14:30:54 [18094] name lookup failed for host/servname
not known

The rsyncd.conf file is configured as follows:
motd file = /export/home/mydir/edc/etc/motd
max connections = 2

use chroot = no
pid file = /export/home/mydir/edc/
lock file = /export/home/mydir/edc/rsyncd.lock
log file = /export/home/mydir/edc/log/rsyncd.log
transfer logging = yes
timeout = 300 

hosts allow = 180.X.XX.XX

        path = /export/home/mydir/edc/log
        comment = Log files
        read only = no
        list = yes

When we comment the line:
#hosts allow = 180.X.XX.XX

We get this new error:
2005/08/11 14:31:47 [18119] name lookup failed for host/servname
not known
2005/08/11 14:31:47 [18119] rsync allowed access on module log from UNKNOWN
2005/08/11 14:31:47 [18119] rsync on log from UNKNOWN (
2005/08/11 14:31:47 [18119] send UNKNOWN [] log () rsyncd.log 2504
2005/08/11 14:31:47 [18119] sent 2673 bytes  received 105 bytes  total size

In this case, the transfer does occur and the client gets the files it
needs, but this
means that we cannot restrict access to certain ip addy's.

DNS is working as we can succesfully ping the ip address in question with
it's server name (which, by the way, is in another subnet with a different
domain name).

Other's in my company have used rsync on Linux without any problems.

Any ideas on why the lookup is failing on Solaris 9?
Should I compile with a newer version of gcc?

Marcus Lozano
System Administrator
Maxim Integrated Products

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