Only rsyncing small files

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Sat Aug 13 23:04:34 GMT 2005

On 8/13/05, Henning Wangerin
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> Hi!
> Is there a possibiliy to tell rsync only to copy files less than eg 10Mb
> of size?
> I'm running a dedicated backup-server, and would like to skip backing up
> my downloaded iso-files.
> They can bee downloaded again if requeired ;-)
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> Henning Wangerin <mailinglists-after-041101_reply-not-possible at>
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You can use rsync in combination with the find command.

find . -type f -size -20480 | rsync -a . user at server:/path/. --files-from=-

The find command could be simplified depending on the version you use.

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