RSYNC File Has Vanished

Philippe BEAU philippe at
Sat Aug 13 06:48:37 GMT 2005


The file was modified while you're rsync running. I got the same problem.
You can check this by the error code returned by rsync in this case (24)

Best regards


> Greetings,
> I am attempting to RSYNC files from a Linux box which has a mounted path
> to a NetWare 6.5 server.  I am using the Novell Client for Linux (beta).
> I am sure this is probably a Novell issue, and there won't be much help on
> this mailing list, but perhaps someone could explain what the underlying
> issue might be.  I could use this information on my bug report to Novell
> to help them along.
> When I try to sync a mounted Novell path (novfs kernel module via NCP) I
> get the message "file has vanished" for every file in the path.  RSYNC
> returns this error after the file list is built.  I can cd into this path,
> ls to my hearts content, and cp and mv files to and from it.
> What could be a cause of this error?  I have verified my time is in sync
> with the server.   Thanks for any information anyone can provide.  (RSYNC
> Version 2.6.5 SuSE 9.3 Pro Kernel 2.6.9).
> Ryan
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