meta data stored in separate file?

Joe Pruett joey at
Tue Aug 9 20:58:47 GMT 2005

> I recommend using a program such as fakeroot (when used with the -s
> option to save the meta data) or pretendroot (which I haven't personally
> used).  For instance, either run something like this for a daemon setup:
>   fakeroot -s /path/ rsync --daemon --port=8873 \
>         --config=/path/rsyncd.conf

but this doesn't work for windows acls, and maybe not for unix acls.  it
also wouldn't apply to apple fork data, which was another thread i found
but forgot to mention in my message.

i realize this is turning rsync into more of a backup system than it is 
now, which is why i was thinking maybe it could be done with client side 

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