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Nathan Bullock nathan_kent_bullock at
Tue Aug 9 03:53:11 GMT 2005

I am just wondering what the criteria is for getting
something added to the rsync resouces page,

I have recently been working on a small little
program, RSBackup, that I use to backup my computers
to each other. Limiting the concern of a hardware
failure causing me to lose any of my bits.

Basically it takes the tutorial by Mike Rubel on using
rsync to create snapshot based backups,,
wraps all of that up in a python program that reads a
simple configuration file, performs the backup, and
creates a log of the backup that was performed.

You can take a look at RSBackup at

I would appreciate it if this link could get added to
your resources page. Thank You.

And Thank You to everyone on this mailing list who
have answered my questions in the past.

And especially Thank You to the developers of rsync.

Nathan Bullock


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