Problem preserving user/group names on AIX, rsync 2.6.2

Aaron Morris aaronwmorris at
Fri Aug 5 06:09:27 GMT 2005

I am having a bit of a problem with rsync 2.6.2 on AIX and I was
wondering if this might just be the expected behavior.

When using the -o and -g flags, the user and group names are NOT
preserved on the receiving side, however, the UIDs/GIDs are preserved.
 I checked the OLDNEWS file and bugzilla, but could not find any
reference to a problem like this.

-rsync 2.6.2 with security patch (pre 2.6.3)
-Using rsync daemon, uid=root
-Both sides are AIX 5.2 ML3/4

Aaron W Morris (decep) <aaronwmorris at>

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