[Bug 2947] stdout with [-v] -H --link-dest and slink/sock/fifo/regf

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-08-03 16:45 -------
Keep in mind that --link-dest only hard-links regular files, and nothing else
(and I want to keep it that way, since not all systems can hard-link things such
as symlinks, and there's not that much of a savings in hard-linking devices and
symlinks anyway).  Also, while rsync's output treats files that are already
up-to-date in a link-dest dir just like they were up-to-date in the destination
dir (i.e. it doesn't output their names as transferred files without an extra
-v), rsync does not currently consider the contents of the link-dest dirs when
it is deleting (though that might be interesting to do so, it could get very
complicated when using multiple --link-dest options).

So, the only thing that I see that I'd consider improving is the output of a
hard-linked file that had an up-to-date counterpart in the link-dest dir and a
linked-"buddy" in the current destination hierarchy -- in that case rsync
outputs that it is hard-linking the latter files into cluster to the first file
of the cluster, when it should arguably be silent about that file.

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