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I've set-uped a Linux server in a small office, around 10 users, there is an 
old novel server, running version 3.12. My task was to establish an 
alternative for the old server, for the case It suddenly didn't feel like 
working anymore (you see, it's a Pentium Pro 200, it outlived itself at 
least a few times over). 
So basically, everybody have access to it using IPX ( it's that old!) and 
mount volumes under windows, so I set-up Samba on the Linux machine, made 
sure everybody can see it, and access it, launch their applications and 
there were no language problems. 
In order to make it a live backup of the old server I turned to rsync, but 
then I ran into a problem, the Novel is too old it doesn't support rsync, 
that was a real bummer. Somebody hinted me I could use it locally if I 
mounted the old server's volumes, which I did, but than I noticed rsync 
wasn't as glorious as promised. Because there was no server-side support of 
the protocol it has to copy each and every file, meaning It transfers 17 GB 
of information every time, I don't have to remind you this is extremely time 
consuming, so we scheduled it for the evening, just before the nightly 
backup. Bottom line, should something happen to it during the day, the new 
one won't contain more than the contents of a daily backup-tape, my goal was 
to make it sync every hour. 
Can any one help me come up with creative ideas? :)

Ich spreche Deutsch Nicht. 

Ich spreche Nicht Deutsch.
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